World High Life Subsidiary Expanding CBD Operations As Record Year-Long Sales Growth Continues

NEW YORK, NY – World High Life (OTCQB: WRHLF) acquired its wholly owned subsidiary, Love Hemp, less than a year ago, and since securing the London-based CBD company, World High Life continues to have that decision validated.  In 2020, Love Hemp has enjoyed a breakout year of consistently strong growth, and the company has once again posted impressive numbers for July.

After reporting record financials in the first two quarters of 2020 that led to a 107% increase in online sales from January to May 2020, Love Hemp has continued that success to start the third quarter.  In July, the company reported a 57% growth in sales over sales in June 2020.  Additionally, Love Hemp said its online sales remain significantly higher than pre-COVID-19 levels, which made up 62% of all of the company’s sales in July compared to the 40% of sales registered in January 2020.

Love Hemp is spearheading the development of the United Kingdom’s (UK) leading range of trusted CBD products, and its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tony Calamita, said of the continued growth, “The wellness industry isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.  What we have witnessed is an increased consumption of CBD during the pandemic, and we expect this to continue post-COVID-19.”

In fact, the growth has been so strong this year that Love Hemp has not only produced impressive sales results month after month, but it is now expanding its operations to meet overwhelming consumer demand.  World High Life’s subsidiary has started construction on a new multi-level 13,500-square-foot facility that will increase production by more than five times its current output across its entire range of CBD products, including oils, cosmetics, and capsules.

The company announced that the new facility, which should be completed in about six months, will increase its daily on-site production from a limit of about 8,000 units of CBD oils, cosmetics, and capsules currently to, in excess of, 43,000 units per day when the project is completed in early 2021.

Love Hemp’s CEO said of the need to expand, “This expansion further increases our capabilities in striving to exceed customer and consumer requirements while improving storage and production capabilities, lead times, and ensuring the safety of our staff.  Our strategy is to continue to expand our local footprint, contributing to the future growth of our business, while also providing quality CBD products to our consumers throughout the UK and around the world.”

Expanding operations to increase production output comes at just the right time as the company’s sales continue to explode and as Love Hemp launched two new brands into the market this year.  Love Hemp has over 80 products, including oils, sprays, edibles, cosmetics, and vapes, and the company currently enjoys around 1,200 retail listings.  Calamita has always pointed to new product development, which is at the heart of everything the company does, to stay on top of what consumers are demanding more of from Love Hemp and the industry in general.  “We currently have 15 new products in the development stage, and we remain committed to creating the UK’s leading range of trusted CBD products.”

In April, Love Hemp launched Love Hemp Immune, a blend of CBD, essential vitamins, including vitamins C and D, and bilberry extract to maintain a healthy immune system by supporting our body’s natural defenses, and then in July, World High Life announced Love Hemp’s new brand, “Buzz Leaf.”

The Buzz Leaf product line is aimed at younger consumers that include the release of four broad-spectrum CBD infused e-liquids with added terpenes, and eventually the launch of a full range of CBD products, including CBD oils and capsules.  According to the company, the e-liquids feature exotic flavors that contain 500mg of CBD.

Love Hemp is enjoying incredible demand this year, and it’s that demand that has the company staying proactive by adding new brands for consumers to enjoy, by expanding its operations to produce even more products, and by redesigning its global online retailer, https://www.cbdoilsuk.com, a premium CBD oil and cannabidiol supplier in the UK, to handle current and new customers that are finding their way to a company that has proven it understands the moment and intends to continue adding to what is already an incredible 2020.

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