World High Life Realizing Strong Growth in the CBD and Hemp Industries with Acquisition of Love Hemp

NEW YORK, NY – World High Life Plc. (OTCQB: WRHLF) has moved boldly into the legal medicinal cannabis, hemp and CBD industries with what has proven to be a strong first acquisition.  Since its inception in 2019, World High Life has been centrally focused on building a portfolio of companies through investments and/or the acquisition of companies that operate within the burgeoning legal medicinal cannabis, hemp and CBD industries, and its first foray into that endeavor was the acquisition of what is now its wholly owned subsidiary, Love Hemp Ltd.

Like the industry’s highly successful forerunner, Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC), Love Hemp’s approach similarly focuses on research, product development and innovative production capabilities, and this model is already proving that it can drive results for the company.

But, Love Hemp’s strong start to 2020 is actually no mistake at all because, as the CEO of World High Life, David Stadnyk, explains, his team carefully chose the company’s first acquisition.  “World High Life Plc researched global markets to identify prime investment opportunities in the legal cannabis industry, knowing that global markets would follow the lead of North American markets in adopting more accepting legislative environments–establishing the potential for tremendous investment upside for our shareholders.

“Essentially, our mandate was to find the innovators positioned where the Canopy’s of the world were 5-7 years ago.  Innovators that were leading by example, operating with best practices, having established brand recognition in major retailers and a robust online sales and marketing platform, demonstrating substantial sales growth on all fronts, and companies built to be agile and responsive because we knew from experience that this is a rapidly changing industry and those attributes are essential.  Most importantly, we were looking for leaders who were passionate about the industry and their business, people who had a vision and were seeking both capital and expertise to realize that vision.  With Tony Calamita and Tom Rowlands, founders of Love Hemp, we met all of our criteria for success.”

Not only has Love Hemp met the criteria for success as an acquisition target, but it is also proving to be the “agile and responsive” target World High Life demands from its investment portfolio.  Just this year, Love Hemp has had to shift its focus due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is wreaking havoc on all industries globally, so in response to what can only be described as a unique set of challenges, Love Hemp repositioned its efforts.  The new focus has been to build a stronger online sales presence.  And, in doing so, the company has achieved a 39% increase month-over-month since January, while also expanding its product line to meet consumer demand.

Additionally, World High Life announced in early May that Love Hemp has achieved a host of other highlights as well, including:

— The Love Hemp brand (www.love-hemp.com) has secured a number of notable listings with leading retailers, such as Boots to complement its existing listings with Ocado, Holland and Barrett, and Sainsbury’s.

— According to Alliance Healthcare, the UK’s leading distributor to pharmacies and independent retailers, the Love Hemp brand is now its best-selling CBD brand.

— The brand is in negotiations with some of the largest retailers in the UK for multiple new product listings.

— To support the growing demand and sales of its products, Love Hemp’s secondary online retailer, CBDOilsUK (www.cbdoilsuk.com), is expanding its product portfolio with three new brands and a renewed web presence in the near future.

— LH Botanicals (www.lhbotanicals.com), Love Hemp’s CBD wholesale production business, is adding production capacity and new product lines with the acquisition of new machines.

In light of this remarkable success, especially in these trying times, Stock Market Media Group (SMMG), a news & media content development IR firm, caught up with Love Hemp’s Founder and CEO, Tony Calamita, to discuss the company, its products, its distributors, and its path forward to continue to grow its footprint in the CBD and hemp industries.

SMMG: The cannabis, hemp and CBD industries are growing more and more competitive worldwide—can you tell us how you expect to gain a competitive edge over other companies in the space and what regions you expect to make your target markets?

Tony Calamita: “As Love Hemp continues to drive toward a meaningful share in the CBD market, we are focused on new product development to drive sales growth and to reach our customers.  The importance of being flexible and agile while responding to consumer needs has never been more prevalent and has been evident in our ability to launch ‘Love Hemp Immune’ six months ahead of schedule.  We expect to further expand our brand throughout EuropeAsia, and North America.”

SMMG: What is “Love Hemp Immune” and how were you able to launch it well ahead of schedule?

Tony Calamita: “Love Hemp Immune is made with the highest quality ingredients, including a combination of CBD, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Bilberry extract.  It contains all of the essential supplements that support a healthy immune system.  It’s available in both a 100 ml atomizer spray as well as in capsule form.

“When the world changed due to COVID-19, we had to change our plan.  We were due to launch Love Hemp Immune in the Winter of 2020, but we have worked around the clock to get it to consumers sooner—and moved forward the launch by six months—launching last month in April.  Boosting our immune systems has rarely felt more urgent than now, and Love Hemp Immune contains the perfect combination of beneficial ingredients that will help boost the body’s natural defenses.”

SMMG: While the industries that you operate in continue to grow worldwide, they are still a burgeoning arena in the UK and throughout Europe—Do you have any experiences that you can draw upon in other regions that will help you to navigate the regulatory and growth environments?

Tony Calamita: “Right from the start, Love Hemp has been passionate about operating in a regulated way in what is mostly an unregulated market.  We have our own team of vitally important in-house regulatory experts and scientists.  Our investment in the best technology and in the finest people are just two of the reasons why we stand out as a trusted CBD company.”

SMMG: Tell us about Love Hemp’s current line of products and its product development strategy, including LH Botanicals and its role in the production of CBD products?

Tony Calamita: “Love Hemp has always been passionate about creating a leading range of trusted CBD products.  Over the past few years, we have seen the demand for CBD products soar in the UK as more and more people become aware of its benefits to well-being.  New product development is at the heart of our business—we were the first functional spring water in Europe to be infused with CBD.  Oils, sprays, vapes, chocolate, jelly domes, and beauty products, including the first CBD-infused face masks and body salves have all followed.  To date, we have over 40 products comprising oils, sprays, edibles, cosmetics, and vapes.

“We established LH Botanicals after spotting a gap in the market for a high quality, innovative and trusted supplier, and now provide a complete range of CBD products for wholesale, bulk and white label–in customizable bottle sizes, concentrations and flavors.  We work closely with other brands across the UK to formulate and help them to develop their own products.”

SMMG: A brand is only as successful as the retailers it is able to attract—Can you tell us about the retailers Love Hemp is using to market its brands, including online retailers?

Tony Calamita: “Love Hemp is now considered to be one of the UK’s leading CBD and hemp product suppliers with over 40 products and 1,200 listings, including Boots, both in-store and available on www.boots.comHolland & Barratt, Ocado and Sainsbury’s.

“We are also a best-selling brand in Alliance Healthcare, the UK’s largest distributor to pharmacies and independent retailers.  And we also retail online at www.love-hemp.com as well as on www.cbdoilsuk.com.

“After securing a number of notable listings with leading retailers, Love Hemp was flagged as an on-trend, well-being brand to watch by the UK’s national media, including The Times, Daily TelegraphSunday Times and Independent.”

SMMG: Through the First Quarter, Love Hemp has enjoyed a strong 2020 and has continued to improve its online sales numbers earning a 39% increase month-over-month since January while continuing to expand its offerings—what is creating this success?

Tony Calamita: “Since our launch, Love Hemp has experienced considerable growth, and we’ve become one of the UK’s fastest growing and most trusted CBD brands.  Despite current challenges, we shifted our focus to build on the opportunity to achieve stronger online sales.  Our strong sales growth highlights the success of our brand strategy.  Love Hemp is focused on building an accessible and supportive brand that is destigmatizing usage, demystifying CBD in the UK while educating consumers.

“This has been an incredibly strong period of sales for Love Hemp.  While our strong growth usually comes from a wider variety of sales channels, given the current challenging business circumstances, our shift to the expansion of our e-commerce offering has enabled us to ensure that our customers are able to continue to purchase and engage with us.  We are focused on building trust and credibility with our customer base and we continue to innovate while responding to evolving consumer demands.”

SMMG: All of Love Hemp’s products are certified THC free—Can you explain this process and why it’s important?

Tony Calamita: “THC is a compound derived naturally from the Cannabis plant, but it is known to have psychoactive properties.  It’s the component that provides the sensation of being ‘high.’  Products containing THC are often illegal.  100% THC free means that our products generate no psychoactive effects or side effects associated with THC.  Every batch of Love Hemp’s oil is tested to validate our 0.0% THC claim.”

Love Hemp’s CEO has made it clear that the company’s strong sales growth is a direct reflection of the brand strategy that he and his team have implemented to give consumers exactly what they’re clamoring for in the CBD and hemp industries.  Since World High Life’s May 2020 announcement of its subsidiary’s e-commerce successes thus far this year, Love Hemp has found that demand for LH Botanicals’ CBD products is continuing to rise and the company has responded by increasing production capacity with the acquisition of a new capsule machine and by adding a new bath bomb machine to extend its product offerings.  These additions are an attempt to further increase Love Hemp’s market share.  Also, World High Life announced that LH Botanicals has invested in advanced in-house technology that is capable of testing for the widest range of cannabinoids.

We are intrigued by Love Hemp’s ability to recognize and react to the demands of its consumers and to continuously look to build its brand into the UK’s leading range of trusted CBD products, so we encourage investors who are looking for a solid low-priced security in the legal medicinal cannabis, hemp, and CBD industry, to take a long look at World High Life and its subsidiary Love Hemp, a newly-listed OTCQB company that continues to grow with both consumers and its shareholders in mind.

To learn more about World High Life visit: https://www.worldhighlife.uk

To learn more about Love Hemp visit: https://love-hemp.com

About World High Life

World High Life PLC is an investment company with a strategic focus to invest in and/or acquire companies operating in the CBD wellness and medicinal cannabis industry.  The Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Love Hemp Ltd., is one of the UK’s leading CBD and Hemp product suppliers and has more than 40 product lines, comprising oils, sprays and vapes, and a variety of edible and water-based CBD products.  Love Hemp has established relationships with over 1,200 stores in the UK, including leading brands such as Ocado, Holland & Barrett, and WH Smith.

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