World High Life Capitalizing on Both Popular and New CBD Brands in Solid 2020 Campaign for Love Hemp

NEW YORK, NY – Halfway through 2020 and World High Life (OTCQB: WRHLF) has seen considerable sales numbers lead to two substantial quarters of growth from its wholly owned subsidiary Love Hemp.  Tony Calamita, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Love Hemp, a London-based CBD company spearheading the development of the United Kingdom’s (UK) leading range of trusted CBD products, has the company hitting on all cylinders as it heads into the second half of the year.

Although the global COVID-19 crisis has many businesses treading water and searching for answers, Love Hemp hasn’t missed a beat while meeting these trying times head on, the company has thrived by giving customers exactly what they want—plenty of online options and continued product development.

Love Hemp has over 80 products, including oils, sprays, edibles, cosmetics, and vapes, and the company currently enjoys around 1,200 retail listings, but World High Life’s subsidiary has no plans of stopping there.  Love Hemp prides itself on understanding market demand and developing new products and brands that satisfy what consumers want most.  Calamita says that new product development is at the heart of everything the company does.  “We currently have 15 new products in the development stage, and we remain committed to creating the UK’s leading range of trusted CBD products.”

Last week, one of those newly developed brands was launched into the market.  World High Life announced Love Hemp’s new brand, Buzz Leaf, a host of products aimed at younger consumers that include the release of four broad-spectrum CBD infused e-liquids with added terpenes, and eventually the launch of a full range of CBD products, including CBD oils and capsules.  According to the company, the e-liquids feature exotic flavors that contain 500mg of CBD.

Given the exponential growth that the company’s e-commerce business has seen and the sheer number of customers, who are not only finding Love Hemp online but continuing to come back again and again, Love Hemp has redesigned its global online retailer, https://www.cbdoilsuk.com, a premium CBD oil and cannabidiol supplier in the UK, to handle the overwhelming demand.  Calamita says that with the launch of the Buzz Leaf products, there is now something for everyone on the website.

Tony Calamita, discussing the successful results that Love Hemp has enjoyed in Q1 and Q2 said, “The COVID-19 pandemic affected consumer markets and is accelerating existing trends within the consumer sector.  When the pandemic began, we saw a shift in retail, which resulted in the acceleration of the e-commerce market as consumer demand shifted to shopping online.

“As a result, we achieved a 107% increase in online sales from January to May 2020.  This was an incredibly strong period of sales for Love Hemp, and while our strong growth usually comes from a wider variety of sales channels, given the challenging business circumstances, our shift to the expansion of our online products has enabled us to ensure our customers are able to continue to purchase and to engage with us. We are focused on building trust and credibility with our consumer base and to continue to innovate while responding to evolving consumer demands.”

Sales of the company’s CBD oil, CBD oil sprays, and CBD soft gel capsules are leading the way, but the timely introduction of another new product, Love Hemp Immune, well ahead of schedule, is already growing in popularity among customers.  Love Hemp Immune is advertised as a blend of CBD, essential vitamins, including vitamins C and D, and bilberry extract to maintain a healthy immune system by supporting our body’s natural defenses.

Calamita added, “We’ve also seen a greater interest in health and wellness as COVID-19 reinforced the importance of being healthy and maintaining a strong, balanced immune system.

“Since its launch, Love Hemp Immune has been well received by consumers. It was a product that was due to launch in the Winter of 2020, but, instead, we worked around the clock to ensure that consumers could have access to it much sooner as COVID-19 and a nationwide lockdown hit the UK, a time when boosting our immune systems has rarely felt more urgent. It contains the perfect combination of beneficial ingredients to help boost the body’s natural defenses. The importance of being flexible and agile while responding to consumer needs has never been more crucial.”

So, where does World High Life’s subsidiary go in the second half of the year?  The announcement of the Buzz Leaf brand is certainly a good start and defines what is likely Love Hemp’s plan to get those 15 products/brands that are in development to market.  Love Hemp’s CEO says, “As retail stores begin to reopen, we’re focused on holistic growth across all channels from retail to online.  We are in conversations with all major retailers in the UK, and we look forward to continued growth among our customer base, while maintaining brand loyalty among consumers.”

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