Trend Innovation’s Machine and Deep Learning AI Engine Offers Superior Cybersecurity Solution in Burgeoning Sector

Trend Innovations Holding Inc. (OTCQB: TREN), a company specializing in acquiring, creating, and developing innovative software technologies that utilize artificial intelligence (AI), has a real opportunity to use its newly acquired asset, the sophisticated AI engine, Avant! AI™, to help shape AI’s role in the future of cybersecurity.  Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly more common in our personal lives, in every segment of business, and even throughout government, and it’s these attacks that are fueling the growth of “AI-related” security solutions.  In fact, a report by Acumen Research and Consulting states that the global market for “AI-based security products,” which was just $14.9 billion two short years ago, is estimated to balloon to more than $133 billion by 2030.

The exponential increase in cyberthreats obviously has organizations scrambling for solutions that protect their systems and data resources.  And to that end, companies are spending more capital than ever to detect, discover, predict, and respond to cyberthreats in real-time.  AI is actually a burgeoning sector within the cybersecurity arena because, up to now, the use of AI in cybersecurity has been somewhat limited—mostly used within the context of products such as email filters and malware identification tools that have AI powering them in some way.

But the smart money in business is turning to machine and deep-learning AI for answers, and Trend Innovations has exactly that—a highly sophisticated machine and deep-learning AI engine.  Avant AI (Avant) is already proving it can be a real competitor in the sector, and quite possibly, on the leading edge of developing real solutions in the AI cybersecurity space.

Recently, Avant, which is trained to perform as an “intelligent agent” for large-scale corporations, was part of a simulation where the AI technology was challenged in a theoretical cybersecurity incident.  It was at a cyber conference late last month when Avant was put to the test in a private session where hackers were tasked with breaking into an imaginary billion-dollar company.  In preparation for the simulation, Avant was trained to analyze the cybersecurity incident by pointing out the threats and vulnerabilities to the company, prioritizing remediation (repair) methods, and then recommending a course of action so the company could fully recover its operations.

Well, the hackers proved to be no challenge at all for Trend Innovation’s AI engine.  Avant demonstrated itself to be superior when performing real-time cyber incident analysis, identifying weak spots, assessing the impact of the incident experienced across the entirety of the hypothetical billion-dollar company, and then recommending immediate technical remediation methods.  In the scenario, Avant successfully recommended efficient response strategies to contain, eradicate and fully recover from the cyber incident.  Throughout the cyberattack, Avant continued to evaluate and recommend communication strategies, both internally and publicly.

The developers of Avant and the representative who led the private simulation exercise, agree that it is possible to provide a quick response to cyberattacks.  “No doubt Avant can be a tremendous tool in identifying a cyberattack, activating immediate counter technologies against the attack, and stopping the attack in real time!”

For companies and other entities looking to proactively prepare for cyberthreats, and in turn, enhance the organization’s ability to respond to any one of a growing number of potential cyber risks more effectively, it is vital to thoroughly develop AI technology like Avant! AI.  And these robust cybersecurity simulations are essential in the development process.  In today’s economy, it is insufficient to simply identify and mitigate cyberattack incidents.  The future of an entire organization depends on how fast it can return to regular operations.

By leveraging AI, companies can better understand their networks and identify potential threats faster than ever.  AI-powered solutions can sift through vast amounts of data to identify abnormal behavior and quickly detect malicious activity, such as a new “zero-day attack.”  Cybersecurity is certainly not a new industry, and most companies have a team in place to handle cyberthreats, however, AI in cybersecurity promises incredible sector growth for decades to come. What this means for Trend Innovations and other companies in the sector is that there is a void that needs to be filled with advanced AI-driven security solutions.

It is in this role that Trend Innovations can revolutionize the industry from every aspect of growth.  Avant can develop its own brand of security products in-house, or it can offer Avant as a business-to-business solution for customers with products currently on the market that need an AI enhancement, or it could even license the technology to third-party developers as a software development kit to create and launch their own AI-centric cybersecurity products.

While corporations and organizations may have limited experience with AI in cybersecurity, bad actors are taking full advantage of AI in several ways.  For instance, AI can be used to identify patterns in computer systems that reveal weaknesses in software or security programs, which allow hackers to exploit those newly discovered weaknesses.  AI can also be used to design malware that is constantly changing, to avoid detection by automated defensive tools, and these constantly changing malware signatures can help attackers evade static defenses such as firewalls and perimeter detection systems.

So, as more cybercriminals are themselves turning to AI to boost ransomware, email phishing scams, and other attacks, the cybersecurity industry needs to begin heavily investing in AI-based solutions to combat AI used for nefarious purposes.  According to Brian Finch, who is the co-leader of the cybersecurity, data protection and privacy practice at Pillsbury Law, “Most interestingly we see behavioral analysis tools increasingly using AI,” Finch said. “By that I mean tools analyzing data to determine behavior of hackers to see if there is a pattern to their attacks—timing, method of attack, and how the hackers move when inside systems. Gathering such intelligence can be highly valuable to defenders.”

Avant could change the way industry leaders think about AI in cybersecurity, and Trend Innovation’s sophisticated AI engine could very well lead the charge toward more AI-based solutions in cybersecurity so that companies are proactively protecting themselves rather than solely relying on behavioral analysis tools.  Avant is certainly a special asset with vast capabilities, and it’s an incredibly powerful tool for Trend Innovations—so powerful, in fact, that we likely don’t know what we don’t know when it comes to assessing what products the technology can play a role in developing in the cybersecurity space or any other industry for that matter.

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