Trend Innovations Acquires Sophisticated AI Engine—Asset Launches Company into $138-Billion AI Software Industry

Trend Innovations Holding Inc. (OTCQB: TREN), a company specializing in acquiring, creating, and developing innovative software technologies that utilize artificial intelligence (AI), has officially become a player in the fast-growing AI industry, and more specifically, the $138.4-billion AI software industry with its acquisition of the highly sophisticated machine learning AI system, Avant! AI™ (Avant).  Avant is a powerful and extremely unique AI engine that can expedite the financial growth of Trend Innovations with real revenue producing opportunities while expanding the company’s portfolio of assets across the entirety of the AI landscape.  A game-changing asset that can deliver this kind of growth potential sets Trend Innovations up as an attractive up-list candidate or a potential buyout opportunity.

The future of the global economy lies in artificial intelligence, and according to Entrepreneur magazine, AI is expected to be one of the fastest-growing industries of 2023—already valued at $328.34 billion.  Trend Innovations’ acquisition is ideally timed given the rockstar status that artificial intelligence is enjoying worldwide combined with the explosive growth rate of the market(s) in which Trend Innovations will now be competing.  According to Precedence Research, the size of the global AI software market was $138.4 billion in 2022, and it is expected to surpass $1.1 trillion by 2032.  The research firm added that the market is poised to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.97% from 2023 to 2032.

It’s an acquisition that truly defines Trend Innovations as a ground-floor investment opportunity.  For investors, Avant offers the chance to grow with a company as it launches in a new and immensely popular direction—one in which competing companies will enjoy market share in an industry that is well on its way to being valued in the trillions of dollars.

Because Avant is at the leading edge of machine learning platforms, acquiring this technology presents Trend Innovations with myriad opportunities to drive revenue well into the future.  Simply put, with this technology, the company’s path forward is limitless, and it provides Trend Innovations plenty of options to develop AI solutions, including in-house, with potential clients, and with third-party developers.

Trend Innovations can develop and enhance its own assets and any assets that it may acquire.  The Company could also position Avant as a business-to-business (B2B) solution—offering the technology to companies in a range of industries, including entertainment, cybersecurity, healthcare, information technology, hospitality, finance, retail, transportation and more.  And the platform has also been developed as a software development kit (SDK) that Trend Innovations could extend to third-party developers to integrate the Avant system into their own products and services.

It’s such a powerful asset that the company could potentially have a hand in the development of applications that introduce AI across every single industry by incorporating the technology’s capabilities into new and proven technologies.  Avant can be used as a platform technology for developing applications that require learning volumes of information and streamlining processes in just about any industry.  Because the system efficiently handles vast amounts of data in real time, it is ideally suited for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) applications, autonomous machines, medical agents, cybersecurity, etc.  Essentially, what Trend Innovations has acquired is a new generation of AI that can truly revolutionize a host of industries allowing the company to play a significant role in the burgeoning era of AI.

So, what is it that sets Avant apart from its competitors?  Avant is a text generation, deep learning and self-training model that includes “supervised” and “unsupervised” learning sub-systems.  Avant works based on an innovative and unique concept, whereby unlike similar AI technologies, it can learn on its own.  The technology is constantly enhancing its information database with the advantage of “unsupervised” learning capabilities.  And while Avant can function as a “chatbot” like Open AI’s well known ChatGPT, for instance, chatting and producing content is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the functionality of Trend Innovations’ new AI system.

The Avant system is designed to provide businesses and consumers with a natural language interface to interact with their devices and systems.  Avant utilizes machine learning, which uses algorithms to analyze large amounts of data, learn from the insights, and then make informed decisions.  Avant uses natural language processing (NLP) to interpret and communicate with user requests.  It’s a system that can understand unstructured data, which is how most data exists today, and it curates that data from a wide range of sources, including professional articles, research papers, blogs, and even human input.

Avant is trained to respond to questions about highly complex situations, and then quickly provide a range of responses and recommendations all backed by evidence.  The technology uses statistical modeling and scores a viable solution, and then it estimates assurance.  Avant gains robust knowledge and improves its expertise by learning from its own experiences and failures just as humans do.  Avant basically gets wiser and more knowledgeable over time.

While Trend Innovations initially acquired the Avant system to empower another technology it acquired, the many industries that Avant could touch and play a role in advancing are exponential.  We’ll cite just a couple of examples.  One future possibility for this artificial intelligence is the healthcare industry.  The company could offer Avant as a “medical expert agent” for medical web sites/apps or other similar sites/apps in the field, as well as offering what could function as a personal medical assistant for everyone, including doctors, nurses and even individuals.  Imagine an intelligent medical advisor at your fingertips and available to you around the clock that provides you with accurate medical advice.  This type of “super-intelligent agent” would be invaluable in any household worldwide.

Another industry where the Avant technology could play a role is in the production of microchips.  The technology could be used with the goal of achieving increased reliability for microchips by developing “design and analysis” software that could analyze microchips during the design process to ensure the ultimate reliability, optimal power consumption and fast performance creating clean-by-construction chips.  When it comes to microchips that are used in aviation, space exploration, medical equipment, military, etc., high reliability is necessary in order to prevent failures.

According to the developers of Avant, “the technology’s ability to achieve ‘human objectives’ is what will make it superior to anything that any other competitor can offer today.”  And that is what AI is all about—creating intelligent machines that can perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence, such as recognizing patterns, making predictions, and solving problems.  The goal of AI is to create systems that can learn from experience and improve their performance over time just like humans do.  Trend Innovations now has a technology that could prove to be an industry-leading product that changes the way we get information, while also becoming a first-in-class tool in the development of other technologies.

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