SPYR Technologies Begins Expanding Apple Smart Home Product Distribution After Successful Q1 2021

SPYR Technologies (OTC Pink: SPYR) ended Q1 2021 exactly as it ended Q4 2020—with a host of anticipated and reported goals resulting in a litany of completed and announced milestones.  And the company has started Q2 2021 in just the same fashion.  After reporting in late March that SPYR’s wholly owned subsidiary, Applied MagiX, would be implementing additional distribution channels for sales of its Apple® HomeKit® smart home products, SPYR and Applied MagiX followed through on that expectation with the first such addition to its distribution network, eBay Marketplace, the second-largest online marketplace worldwide with over 185-million active buyers.

This week’s news that Applied MagiX’s products are now available in the eBay Marketplace follows 2 consecutive quarters of promises made, promises kept after SPYR joined the technology sector and refocused the company to compete in the industry. https://ebay.com/usr/applied_magix_sales

The transparency and follow-through that SPYR is delivering to shareholders since transitioning its business model in 2020 to operate within the technology sector are refreshing, and it all began with presenting the plan to investors, landing a $15-million funding commitment, and acquiring the California-based Internet of Things (IoT) company, Applied MagiX.

The SPYR Technologies company is a registered Apple developer that operates in the growing multi-billion-dollar smart home market. To that end, Applied MagiX is currently engaged in developing its own signature line of branded smart home products and accessories, while, at the same time, offering consumers sourced Apple HomeKit, Apple CarPlay®, and Apple Watch® products and accessories from its trusted technology partners.

Q1 2021 company highlights include:

1.)  Filing a Trademark Application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its Truly Convenient brand, which will be used to identify many of its planned Apple ecosystem accessories. 

When discussing the trademark, Dr. Harald Zink, the CEO of Applied MagiX, said, “We are developing some unique variants of familiar products, making them ‘Truly Convenient,’ so we decided to make it its own sub-brand based on that descriptive. The Truly Convenient line will initially include accessories for iOS devices and the wildly popular Apple Watch, while introducing some unique and, well, truly convenient, twists to familiar products like chargers and cables.”

2.)  Introduction of a 2-pronged sales and product development strategy which includes Applied MagiX releasing proprietary products under its own brand, with availability based on R&D and manufacturing timelines, and the company sourcing and selling products from technology partners to drive revenue into the company immediately.  SPYR/Applied MagiX also released a list of “product categories.”

Essential HomeKit Products” like a HomeKit Secure Video camera and HomeKit Contact, Security and Environment Sensors.

Essential Home Accessories” like Truly Convenient USB wall-chargers, Truly Convenient Lightning charger & data cables, Truly Convenient Apple Watch charging cables, Apple Watch accessories, and watch bands.

Companion Apps and Functional Enhancement Apps” on MacOS and iOS systems, including Apps that support the products that Applied MagiX will ship to customers, Apps that support and improve third-party hardware, and Apps that improve functionality of MacOS systems.

3.)  Announcing the first shipment of HomeKit-related products were en route to Applied MagiX for sale and distribution and then a subsequent announcement that the company received those products.

4.)  Launching the new Applied MagiX website and online store where Applied MagiX introduced its first 4 smart home products from the “Essential HomeKit Products” category sourced from technology partner, Onvis.

Onvis C3 Apple HomeKit Secure Video Camera – $59.99 https://appliedmagix.com/shop/onvis-c3-camera

Onvis SMS1 Multipurpose Smart Sensor” (Environment & Motion) – $19.99 https://appliedmagix.com/shop/onvis-sms1-homekit-motion-sensor

Onvis CS1 Multipurpose Smart Sensor with Alarm – $19.99 https://appliedmagix.com/shop/onvis-cs1-smart-sensor-alarm

Onvis CT2 Door/Window Contact Sensor – $15.99 https://appliedmagix.com/shop/onvis-door-window-contact-sensor-ct2

It is expected that SPYR and Applied MagiX will continue to expand their product distribution network throughout Q2 2021, and if the past 2 quarters are prologue, the company should continue announcing its expectations and following up with even more promises made, promises kept.

Read SPYR Technologies’ press releases at https://www.nasdaq.com/market-activity/stocks/spyr/press-releases

About SPYR Technologies

SPYR Technologies is a technology company that, through its subsidiary, Applied MagiX Inc., develops and resells Apple® ecosystem compatible products with an emphasis on the growing multi-billion-dollar smart home market.  SPYR continues to identify and target acquisitions that will grow its footprint in the industry and expand the products it offers consumers, including companies developing artificial intelligence and smart-technology products.

About Applied MagiX, Inc.

Applied MagiX is an Internet of Things (IoT) company headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, with an office in Hong Kong.  The company is a registered Apple® developer that develops and resells Apple ecosystem compatible products with an emphasis on the growing multi-billion-dollar smart home market.

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