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SPYR Launches Worldwide Update of Pocket Starships with Hivespawn Expansion & Marketing Campaign

SPYR Launches Worldwide Update of Pocket Starships with Hivespawn Expansion & Marketing Campaign

Written by Ι Stock Market Media — September 8, 2016

This week SPYR, Inc. (OTCQB: SPYR) released a major content update (patch) for its flagship MMO game Pocket Starships. With this update, SPYR will launch its much-anticipated marketing and advertising campaign that should drive new gamers to SPYR’s real-time cross-platform game. This content update and the marketing campaign that will accompany it, mark the “official” worldwide launch of Pocket Starships.

As we have seen with the recent release of Pokémon Go, getting the word out about a new game can create quite a buzz and produce a great deal of revenue. While we are not comparing Pocket Starships to Pokémon Go, we are stating that the marketing and advertising of Pocket Starships will be crucial to its long-term success and the key to driving revenue for the game for years to come.

If anyone had any question that digital games could drive revenue for the developers and publishers of these games, look no further than the $200 million in revenue that Pokémon Go produced in just one month since that smartphone game was launched.

Pocket Starships is the only true cross-platform game of its kind on the market. Pokémon Go ($200 million in first month), Clash Royale ($125 million in first month) or a game closer to Pocket Starships like the multiplayer online game, World of Tanks, which has raked in $1.3 billion in just three years (2013-2015), can only market to specific user bases defined by the limited number of platforms on which those games can be played. SPYR, however, can market Pocket Starships to users of many different platforms and devices, including iOS, Android, tablets, PCs, Macs, Kindle, Amazon and Facebook.

Pocket Starships is an electronic game playable on most mobile devices and in any web browser. It is played in real-time across all platforms simultaneously, and in the coming months, the company plans to add eSports functionality. So, as you can see, there is no shortage of ways to play Pocket Starships and, in turn, plenty of opportunities for SPYR to reach a wide audience.

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