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SPYR Joins Mobile Games Revolution With “Plucky” Available to 1 Billion Mobile Devices Worldwide

SPYR Joins Mobile Games Revolution With “Plucky” Available to 1 Billion Mobile Devices Worldwide

Written by Ι Stock Market Media Staff — May 4, 2015

NEW YORK, NY – SPYR, Inc. (OTCQB: SPYR) executives are clearly keeping up with where consumers are spending their money. The company especially has its attention focused on buying trends in one of the industries that SPYR calls home – the mobile apps and games development industry. While SPYR may have just entered the space, it is moving quickly to establish its brand. Last week SPYR released its first mobile game “Plucky” through its subsidiary, SPYR APPS, LLC, into both Apple’s App Store for iOS users and into Google’s Play Store for Android users.

With this launch, “Plucky” is now available to over 1 billion mobile devices worldwide, and between the iOS and Android mobile operating systems, they control over 96% of all mobile devices globally.

The timing is impeccable for SPYR as the mobile games industry is enjoying significant popularity and growth. Just about everyone is familiar with video game consoles like Xbox, Nintendo and Sony’s PlayStation, but, consumer spending suggests that the popularity of gaming consoles may be waning in value while the mobile games industry is quickly gaining in value.

The Quarterly Global Games Market Update from Newzoo, a market research firm focused on the entire games industry, has named 2015 as the year in which the value of the mobile games market will exceed that of consoles, making it the industry’s most lucrative sector. SPYR has chosen to join what some have called a “mobile games revolution” and with the launch of “Plucky,” the company’s debut game is now set to take advantage of the popularity of mobile games by coupling the release of “Plucky” with a strategic marketing campaign.

Apple named its top grossing apps from last year and, not so unexpectedly, 9 out of the top 10 were games. Newzoo’s report explains the popularity of mobile games in numbers that we can understand—dollar value. Newzoo estimated the total value of the mobile games market in 2014 to be about $25 billion, which is a 42% rise from the industry’s value in 2013. That value is estimated to rise another 20% to $30.3 billion in 2015, and then another 35% to $40.9 billion in 2017.

These estimates show that the industry is just heating up with its value growing from an estimated $17.5 billion in 2013 to the aforementioned estimate of $40.9 billion just four years later. Using Newzoo’s data, that is a 134% rise in value in four short years.

It’s easy to see why such strong growth is anticipated in the mobile games industry when you realize that Americans are spending more and more time on their mobile devices. According to Flurry Analytics, in 2014, the average U.S. consumer spent 2 hours and 42 minutes per day on their smartphones and tablets.

Flurry Analytics provides more than 170,000 developers with the business data they need to understand their audience, usage and performance, and their research has found that while consumers are on their mobile devices, they’re spending 86% of that time on apps. Of the time spent on apps, the firm found that 32% of that total time was spent on games, which is significantly more than the time spent on popular apps like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter combined.

Jim Thompson is the CEO at SPYR, Inc. and with the launch of “Plucky” last week he said, “SPYR is looking to be a serious competitor in the mobile games and apps marketplace and we believe that ‘Plucky’ is a strong debut into this arena.” We can only imagine that the CEO has seen all of the positive data surrounding the industry and armed with that information, SPYR has made the decision to join the mobile games revolution just as the strongest growth lies ahead for the industry.