SPYR, Inc. Finding Its Niche in Mobile Gaming Using Popular Branded IP inside Popular Genres

Written by Ι Stock Market Media — April 3, 2018

NEW YORK, NY – SPYR, Inc. (OTCQB: SPYR) has decided that one aspect of its business model in the mobile games space will be to bring popular intellectual property or “IP” associated with Hollywood and television to the games it’s publishing. It’s difficult for any digital games company to gain traction in what is a hyper-competitive industry; however, SPYR is implementing a proven strategy to get its games recognized by many consumers that the company might not otherwise reach.

SPYR has chosen to include popular IP with strong brand recognition and existing communities into some of the games it publishes. One can assume that by using popular IP, SPYR can attract gamers on name recognition alone, and in turn attract some of the large fan bases that come with using characters from the popular television shows that SPYR is including inside some of its games.

The first IP deal was to use some of the characters and ships from the widely popular television series, STAR TREK™, inside its flagship MMORPG game Pocket Starships. And last week SPYR announced that its latest deal will include IP from the hit animated show Steven Universe in an idle-tapper game called Steven Universe: Tap Together.

In an article on techcrunch.com titled, “To IP or Not to IP, That is the Question,” the author, Ankit Jain, said when discussing many of the reasons why he’s in favor of using branded IP when developing and publishing games, “Branded IP is one of the most time-tested ways to launch games that go on to become immensely popular. Two examples from the console gaming world are Ninja Turtles and The Simpsons. Why does it work? At the highest of levels, a game built with IP can piggyback its marketing and growth on the consumer sentiment for the associated brand.”

Not only is SPYR working with popular titles, but the mobile game and app development and publishing company is also using the branded IP in some of the most popular genres of games as well. Most are familiar with SPYR’s flagship game, Pocket Starships, which falls in the very popular MMORPG category of games, but its latest foray into branded IP will be with an all-new “idle-tapper” game. Idle-tapper games are also known as “idle-clicker” games or “incremental” games, and it is a genre that is growing quickly in popularity.

In a recent presentation at the Casual Connect USA 2017 conference, David Chiu of DC Games Consulting said that the idle tapper genre is growing so quickly because for gamers, this style of game is very easy to play, the short sessions are perfect for mobile devices and for the short attention spans that many younger gamers have, and they make people feel good about themselves with the constant cycle of positive reinforcement and progression. Developers and publishers like this genre because of the strong retention metrics, and the advertising monetization opportunity with gamers playing multiple sessions each day.

Ankit Jain added in his article on techcrunch.com, “Great intellectual property drives awareness and creates an instant emotional attachment with users. This helps in two concrete ways: (1) Apple and Google often feature IP-based titles in their app stores, and (2) people often search for the IP itself and can find such titles. When you market the title, consumers instantly recognize the brand and form an association with your game. This can significantly reduce your customer acquisition costs.”

SPYR recently stated that a full global launch of its new game using branded IP by the summer of 2018.

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