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Plandai Biotechnology’s Production Facility is an Intricate Maze of Proprietary Equipment Producing an Unmistakable Green Tea Extract

Plandai Biotechnology’s Production Facility is an Intricate Maze of Proprietary Equipment Producing an Unmistakable Green Tea Extract

Written by Ι Stock Market Media Group Staff — April 2, 2015

NEW YORK, NY – After years of hard work, Plandaí Biotechnology (OTCQB: PLPL) has everything in place to start realizing the long-time dream of the company’s CEO Roger Duffield. That dream has been to produce and sell a much higher bioavailable green tea product than the market currently offers. Duffield has always known he could produce a product that is higher in bioavailability than the competition, but now he has the clinical trials to prove his claims.

While the beautiful Senteeko tea estate offers the company the raw material it needs to produce its green tea extract, it is the incredibly complex production facility that will deliver Phytofare® Catechin Complex from the field to packaging. And, where the company’s products are concerned, it is a “symbiotic relationship” that works rather well, and in a much more impressive fashion that ever imagined.

Stock Market Media Group and a camera crew spent a week in South Africa documenting everything from Plandaí’s clinical trials at North West University to the many beautiful acres of the Senteeko tea estate to its massive production facility. We expect to release a video with our first-hand account of the Plandaí Biotechnology story within the next 5-10 days.

In this third and final article highlighting our trip to South Africa, we’d like to take you inside the company’s production facility, which quite honestly was a pleasant surprise. If the Senteeko estate itself was breathtaking, then the production facility was awe-inspiring. We were fortunate enough to witness the entire production process from the early morning harvesting of the tea leaves to the packaging of a potent emerald green-colored green tea extract.

After filling their baskets in one of the many tea fields that make up the expansive Senteeko tea estate, the workers transition the live leaves to a number of holding racks where they are then rushed over to the company’s production facility.

It’s important to immediately get the live plant material into an “assembly line” of cooling bays that sit just outside of the factory. A conveyer belt carries the leaves into much cooler temperatures allowing them to stay alive and to protect their valuable phytonutrients before they’re eventually ground into a batch of rich material.

Because Plandaí uses live plant material rather than dried leaf like most extract producers, the antioxidants are still quite active throughout the company’s extraction process. It is on this line outside the facility where the “magic” that Roger Duffield has explained for years begins. It is Stage 1 of Plandai’s unique 4-stage process.

 In order for Plandaí to pull off what is truly an amazing process and for the company to realize the value of its technology, the leaves that we watched being harvested are moments later taking a magnificent journey through conveyer belts, passing through pipes, spending just the right amount of time, at just the right temperature in a series of large vats and traveling from one stage in the company’s impressive production facility to another until the batch becomes a highly bioavailable extract, rich in color and ready for packaging.

We walked into room after room getting an up-close look at each stage of the company’s process, and unexpectedly, each room was more amazing than the one just before it. The “assembly line” process outside the facility itself was quite intricate, but after walking into what is Stage 2 at the facility, you are first left wondering just how the company was ever able to get the huge vats and equipment that fill the room up to Senteeko and then assembled inside the building.

The only thing that tops the complex and elaborate set up in Stage 2 is to climb the stairs and walk into Stage 3. It is here that you’ll find a massive 4-story tower where each level of the tower, is home to bigger and more complicated proprietary equipment than any stage before it. Each stage is necessary for the company to succeed in making that emerald green extract, and Plandaí has a great team on the ground that runs both the tea estate itself and the production facility.

But, even with an impressive bright emerald green extract sitting in front of us, we had to keep in mind that what actually separates Plandaí from all the other generic extracts out there is the magic that happens in the company’s production facility.

The company isn’t just making a beautifully colored extract, it’s making a highly bioavailable extract. And what that means to end users of the company’s products, is that Plandai’s Phytofare® Catechin Complex is getting into the bloodstream and it’s staying there.