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Plandai Biotechnology’s Cannabis Extracts Destined for Network and Cable News

Plandai Biotechnology’s Cannabis Extracts Destined for Network and Cable News

Written by ι Stock Market Media Group Staff — January 30, 2014

When Plandaí Biotechnology (OTCQB: PLPL) entered into an agreement with Diego Pellicer and Diego Pellicer Worldwide to brand its Phytofare™ Cannabis extracts, one has to wonder if the company knew just how big a media platform its new partner has.  If you’re an investor in Plandaí, it might be time to get excited about who your company is partnered with.  The media and its microphones showed up in large numbers at a Seattle press conference where marijuana entrepreneur and Diego Pellicer co-founder Jamen Shively announced he would be creating the first retail brand of marijuana in the United States.

Shively, a former Microsoft executive, was flanked by the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox as he presented his plans to capture 40 percent of the worldwide marijuana market and answered a host of questions from the media.  In the days, weeks and months following that event, Shively has been interviewed by just about every media publication, and he’s made the rounds on all the network and cable news shows. 

The media loves Jamen Shively, and if he has something to say, they’ll provide the platform for him to say it.  He’s not alone though.  Just yesterday CBS News called on Diego Pellicer’s CEO, Ron Throgmartin, to discuss the industry since Colorado began selling recreational marijuana legally this month. 

In the interview, Throgmartin predicted marijuana will be legalized nationwide in as little as two years. “I think by 2016 California will go legal. And, I think once a state the size of California goes, I think, the rest of the country follows.”

One thing is clear, when Plandaí begins to market its Cannabis extracts under the Diego Pellicer brand, the company’s name is likely going to be mentioned again and again on television networks like CBS, CNN, CNBC, FOX, and ABC.  It’s the genius in the partnership − because while every other public company awaits legalization, Plandaí will be building its brand!   

CBS News Interview: www.cbsnews.com/news/legal-pot-dispensaries-high-on-profits