Plandaí Biotechnology Changing the Future of Green Tea with Technology Used in Origine 8 Capsules

Written by Ι Stock Market Media — May 10, 2017

Plandaí Biotechnology’s (OTCQB: PLPL) Origine 8 capsules could be the future of green tea. Drinking a cup of green tea tastes great, but unless the eight catechins from the green tea plant are getting into your blood stream and staying there long enough to offer a therapeutic dose, it’s really just a tasty cup of green tea and nothing more. Plandaí has already proven in clinical studies that its green tea extract, Phytofare® Catechin Complex, is highly bioavailable, which in Plandaí’s case means that all eight catechins of the green tea extract are getting into the blood stream and staying there for 24 hours.

Plandaí isn’t satisfied with just delivering a potent green tea extract; instead, it has taken the delivery of Phytofare® deep into the body a step further. Basically, Origine 8 capsules use an advanced liposome technology to move Phytofare® around inside the human body in a protective bubble. Liposomes are tiny nano-sized bubbles with an outer shell made up of healthy lipids and a hollow aqueous center that Plandaí fills with Phytofare®. The outer layer of the liposome protects the green tea extract from gastric juices and liver enzymes, and clinical studies are showing that liposomes support the absorption of nutrition and have excellent efficacy.

The company starts with its high-quality extract Phytofare®, and then further enhances the product by using this technology for improved delivery on the cellular level.

Liposomes work by initially protecting the payload (Phytofare®) from the harsh acidic environment of the stomach. Once past the stomach, Phytofare® is delivered where needed by absorption through one of the many mechanisms available to liposomes. This higher absorption of nutrition allows its full benefit to be realized. An added advantage of liposomes is increased circulation time of Phytofare®, which allows for a longer active life and benefit inside the body.

According to Plandaí, Origine 8 uses the only known Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and registered liposome-manufacturing facility in the world. In the case of the liposome used in the production of Origine 8, phosphatidylcholine is used and extracted from Non-GMO sunflower, the liposome itself has the added benefit of becoming nutrition for the liver, brain, mitochondria, eyes, and the most essential cells in the human body.

Plandaí calls it a “complete green tea extract” and they state that it’s the first and only green tea extract to offer complete catechin absorption. Plandaí offers all of this in the convenience of a single capsule per day. And, if one capsule per day can deliver a highly bioavailable and protected green tea extract throughout the body, then the days of countless cups of green tea, which may offer no effect at all, may be over. After all, we know today that it’s not what you consume but what you absorb that is the most important factor when choosing a product to improve your health.

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