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Nuvilex Investors Should Read Between the Lines as Company Attracts World Renowned Oncologist

Written by ι Stock Market Media Group Staff — April 3, 2014

NEW YORK, NY–(Apr 3, 2014) – That loud noise you hear coming from Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB: NVLX) this week is the collective excitement of many investors after the company stated it would be working with Translational Drug Development or TD2 and Dr. Daniel Von Hoff, the world’s leading figure in pancreatic cancer, to develop its pancreatic cancer and other treatments utilizing Cell-in-a-Box® technology. Quite honestly Nuvilex may have just announced what might be one of the biggest stories in the biotechnology sector in all of 2014, and investors may not even realize it yet.

Nuvilex’s announcement this week was filled with a number of monumental headlines, so here are the major takeaways from the news:
  • Translational Drug Development or TD2 will conduct preclinical and clinical studies for Nuvilex that seem aimed at the overall management of pancreatic cancer (further explanation below)
  • Dr. Daniel Von Hoff who just led NASDAQ’s Celgene to FDA approval for its advanced inoperable pancreatic cancer treatment will now play a pivotal role in these studies done for Nuvilex at TD2
  • Nuvilex now has access to TD2’s Pancreatic Cancer Research Team (PCRT) which consists of 65 Oncology Clinicians, Surgeons and Researchers who are member-investigators of the PCRT and who represent 45 clinical research sites worldwide

These are amazing headlines for any biotechnology firm, but for Nuvilex and its investors they represent a blockbuster achievement. The company has attracted world renowned oncologist Dr. Daniel Von Hoff, and that is no small feat given he’s likely extremely selective about the projects he works with in pancreatic cancer, a field he’s basically been writing the textbook in for years.

But, let’s pay close attention to this week’s press release for what it said and didn’t say. At Stock Market Media Group, a full service investment relations firm focused on research and content development, we surmise the release is actually bigger than first thought. Here’s what the company did say.

“TD2 will conduct preclinical and clinical studies in support of the development of Nuvilex’s pancreatic cancer and other treatments utilizing Cell-in-a-Box technology.”

We first thought the company was naming its Contract Research Organization (CRO), but at second glance it doesn’t seem to be saying that at all. If that were the case, why would the company say “in support of the development of Nuvilex’s pancreatic cancer and other treatments“? It is the use of “other treatments” that leads us to believe there is something even bigger going on here.

Then we took a longer look at Dr. Von Hoff’s quote from the release:

The Nuvilex team presents us with a new tool to employ against the symptoms and invasive properties of this very challenging cancer,” said Daniel D. Von Hoff, M.D., Chief Development Officer of TD2. “Our Pancreatic Cancer Research Team (PCRT) colleagues are enthusiastic to begin clinical trials with this approach.”

From this quote, we don’t see words like survival rate, or median survival time, so we think Dr. Von Hoff and TD2 feel like Nuvilex has a treatment that can do more than first thought from the results of two independent Phase II clinical trials. It appears that when Dr. Von Hoff says “a new tool to employ against the symptoms and invasive properties,” he may have other ideas that make Nuvilex’s pancreatic cancer treatment an even broader remedy than even Nuvilex or Austrianova imagined.

What is clear is that Nuvilex is attracting some of the biggest names in cancer treatment development. Nuvilex’s news is as good as it gets for a biotech with hopes of furthering a pancreatic cancer treatment, and investors couldn’t have asked for a more impressive group to support the development of the company’s treatment.

Dr. Daniel Von Hoff along with his team at TD2 have been shaping the path of cancer drugs at an alarming rate. With Dr. Von Hoff, Nuvilex gets a man who has been called the “voice of pancreatic cancer,” and yes, he’s the very same Dr. Daniel Von Hoff who just led Celgene (NASDAQ: CELG) to FDA approval with its drug Abraxane® plus gemcitabine, and the same Dr. Von Hoff who began Eli Lilly’s (NYSE: LLY) clinical trials with Gemzar® (gemcitabine) both for advanced inoperable pancreatic cancer, and both became the “gold standard” for the disease.

TD2 is a world-class drug development service, specializing in getting the newest and best oncology treatments to cancer patients as quickly as possible. TD2 calls itself The Precision Oncology CRO™ and uses the slogan “Your Drug’s Journey Begins Here.” TD2 has managed and conducted more than 60 early-mid phase clinical studies and has worked with more than 350 biotech and pharmaceutical companies worldwide, so its interest in Nuvilex is great news for the Maryland biotech’s future.

And, when a leading figure in pancreatic cancer, does in fact, choose to work with Nuvilex, he must feel the company’s treatment can have an impact on the overall management of a disease that he’s played a pivotal role in fighting against for many years now.

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