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Nuvilex, Inc. Lands Dr. Daniel Von Hoff to Lead Clinical Trials and TD2 as Contract Research Organization (CRO)

Written by ι Stock Market Media Group Staff — April 1, 2014

World Renowned Dr. Daniel Von Hoff to Lead Nuvilex’s Clinical Trials

Nuvilex Signs TD2 as Contract Research Organization (CRO)

  • Oncology Pioneer Dr. Daniel Von Hoff Agrees to Lead Nuvilex’s Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trials
  • Dr. Von Hoff Developed Eli Lilly’s Gemzar®
  • Dr. Von Hoff Developed  Celgene’s Abraxane® 
  • Dr. Von Hoff is the World’s Leading Authority on Pancreatic Cancer & Now He will Lead Nuvilex’s Clinical Trials
  • Nuvilex Also Retains TD2 – The Precision Oncology CRO™ for Clinical Trials

The News Released This Morning by NVLX is Industry Changing and it will surely reverberate throughout the biotech community.  Celgene investors know just how big Dr. Daniel Von Hoff is… and Nuvilex Investors are about to learn themselves.

Dr. Daniel Von Hoff is changing the path of Pancreatic Cancer research the way Steve Jobs changed the phone.  He is called a Drug Development Expert, a Cancer Expert, and World Renowned to name just a few of the adjectives that are Dr. Von Hoff.

Today’s News also named TD2 as the CRO for Nuvilex’s Clinical Trials which is Monster news on its own, and it alone should dramatically push the company’s price per share much higher than its current entry.

After all, TD2 or Translational Drug Development, is a world-class drug development service, specializing in getting the newest and best oncology treatments to cancer patients as quickly as possible.

TD2 calls itself “The Precision Oncology CRO™” and uses the slogan “Your Drug’s Journey Beings Here,” so the ONLY news that could overshadow this huge announcement is  that:

Dr. Daniel Von Hoff is going to lead the company’s clinical trials.

The Developer of Celgene’s Abraxane® & Eli Lilly’s Gemzar® (gemcitabine) is now going to Lead Nuvilex’s Pancreatic Cancer Trials.

The same developer who has turned into an FDA Approval Machine.  As the World’s Leading Expert on Pancreatic Cancer, the FDA seems to approve everything Dr. Von Hoff touches related to the disease!!

The difference at Nuvilex is that Investors can build a sizable position in NVLX below $1… whereas, Celgene Investors had to build a position at $60.00-$112 before the FDA approved Abraxane®.

Expect to see Celgene and Eli Lilly investors flock to buy-in at Nuvilex… and anyone in the industry who knows Dr. Von Hoff will love the entry price at Nuvilex.

In today’s News, Dr. Von Hoff said:

“The Nuvilex team presents us with a new tool to employ against the symptoms and invasive properties of this very challenging cancer,” said Daniel D. Von Hoff, M.D., Chief Development Officer of TD2. “Our Pancreatic Cancer Research Team (PCRT) colleagues are enthusiastic to begin clinical trials with this approach.”

Another huge headline in today’s News is the availability of the Pancreatic Cancer Research Team (PCRT) which Nuvilex will now have access to with it’s TD2/Dr. Von Hoff relationship.

The PCRT is a consortium of more than 60 pancreatic cancer experts at over 40 study sites (clinics) worldwide focused on the rapid development of novel therapeutics for pancreatic cancer.

The main benefits of running a pancreatic trial using TD2 Inc.’s PCRT:

  • Access to the World’s Clinical Experts in Pancreatic Cancer
  • Faster Patient Enrollment (site enrollment that is nearly three timesthe national average)
  • Efficient Site Start Up (on average, the overwhelming majority of PCRT sites can be up and running within 12 to 14 weeks)
  • Experts to provide feedback and guidance for your data and trial design

At SMMG, we have followed and collected data on both Nuvilex and Dr. Daniel Von Hoff for a while now. After Abraxane® was approved, our goal has been to get his take on Cell-in-a-Box® given Dr. Von Hoff is the leading expert in the pancreatic cancer field.

I guess we now know how Dr. Von Hoff feels about Nuvilex’s Pancreatic Cancer treatment, and we look forward to bringing you an interview with this Pioneer in the Oncology arena very soon.

Needless to say we’re fully aware of how monumental this morning’s news is. It’s Amazing! It’s Blockbuster! It’s Game-Changing! Dr. Von Hoff told the Chicago Tribune last year after presenting Abraxane’s® trial results:  

“It’s such a tough disease that moving the needle on survival at all is a major accomplishment. It’s been a pretty tough, discouraging area and the overwhelming majority of studies of similar patients have failed to improve survival at all.”

So… having the Leading Pancreatic Cancer expert agreeing to take the lead on Nuvilex’s Clinical Trials must mean he feels that Nuvilex’s treatment can “move the needle on survival.”

Go Google Dr. Daniel Von Hoff alone and combined with search terms like Pancreatic Cancer, Celgene, Abraxane®, TGEN, etc.  Go do your Due Diligence on Dr. Von Hoff and you WILL get excited about the future of Nuvilex.

We predict Nuvilex won’t stay a penny stock for very much longer!!!

Dr. Von Hoff is a member of the Pancreatic Cancer “Dream Team” and is world renowned for his contributions to pancreatic cancer research in addition to the development of new cancer drugs.

Having Dr. Von Hoff play a leading role in Nuvilex’s clinical trials for advanced, inoperable pancreatic cancer… will almost guarantee FDA approval of it’s Cell-in-a-Box® treatment for the disease.

Dr. Von Hoff started the development of Gemzar® (gemcitabine) for Eli Lilly… which became the “Gold Standard” single agent treatment for advanced pancreatic cancer and has made Eli Lilly many billions of dollars in profits.

Dr. Von Hoff then led Celgene and its drug Abraxane® to FDA approval as the new “Gold Standard” treatment for advanced pancreatic cancer when he not only lead those clinical trials, but got Abraxane® “Fast Tracked” through the approval process with the FDA.

Dr. Von Hoff was just inducted last month into the Joshua Lederberg Society for his work in developing the drug Abraxane® for advanced pancreatic cancer patients.

Dr. Von Hoff is essentially called the voice of pancreatic cancer.  He is the World’s Leading Pancreatic Cancer Oncologist… He is now going to lead Nuvilex through Clinical Trials and having Dr. Von Hoff on board should leave investors asking when… not if… Cell-in-a-Box® will be FDA approved as an advanced pancreatic cancer treatment.

Between Dr. Von Hoff and Dr. Gerald Crabtree… Nuvilex is in very strong hands with two oncologists who know their way around the FDA.  Fast Track is a real expectation now.

Translational Drug Development (TD2) is an affiliate of the very successfulTranslational Genomics Research Institute (TGEN) where Dr. Von Hoff is the Physician in Chief and Director.

Nuvilex could not have found and retained a better Contract Research Organization (CRO) to lead its clinical trials.