New Age Farm Inc. Growing Fundamentals with Revenue-Producing Portfolio in U.S., Canada, and South American Cannabis Markets

New Age Farm Inc. (OTC Markets: NWGFF) (CSE: NF) (FSE: 0NF) is growing quickly in the Cannabis industry, and it’s doing so by focusing on the fundamentals.  The Denver-based company is meticulously carving out its share of the emerging hemp and CBD markets in the U.S., Canada and South America. And, in the process, it’s providing the cannabis space with more choices while offering investors an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an ever-expanding company.

First and foremost, to understand more about New Age Farm, we have to understand the markets within the cannabis industry that they’ve chosen to call home—the Hemp and CBD markets. Hemp is the fiber and seed part, and the most valuable part of the Cannabis plant, which is why hemp is often called a “cash crop.”

Meanwhile, CBD or cannabidiol is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in hemp that has significant medicinal benefits without the psychoactivity of THC.  CBD is an appealing option for patients looking for relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, spasms, and a host of other conditions.

So how has New Age Farm’s management chosen to create what it feels will be a successful footprint in the cannabis industry?

Well, while many smaller companies use lots of press releases and promises of great things to come to attract investors, executives at New Age Farm are actually building the company fundamentally with:

(i) Acquisitions that make up a growing portfolio of revenue-producing companies already operating in the CBD/hemp space

(ii) A number of property assets in Washington State and Oregon

(iii) The expansion of its footprint into markets that provide a sustainable operating environment and allow New Age Farm to maintain its goal of becoming a worldwide “brand.”

With continued success in these three areas of growth, this small company’s future in a burgeoning industry looks very attractive.

When asked about New Age Farm’s focus moving forward, management said that it has decided to move its attention and resources into acquiring already proven business entities and businesses that it feels have strong growth potential and strong core management in the hemp and CBD space.

Additionally, the company says it’s currently working with a number of science teams to develop innovative products that New Age Farm is confident can accompany its growing portfolio while also standing out on their own in the industry.

Currently, New Age Farm has two subsidiaries that it recently acquired, We Are Kured or “Kured” (https://www.wearekured.com/) and Drink Fresh Water (https://www.drinkfreshcbd.com/).  Both companies are generating revenue with the sale of products in the hemp and CBD industries.

Through its subsidiary, Kured, New Age Farm is building an innovative online CBD and lifestyle company.  Kured has partnered with best-in-class hemp cultivators, edible manufacturers, and cutting edge product formulators to develop, market and distribute a number of CBD products.  In addition to filling orders in the U.S. and Canada, Kured recently expanded into South America where it plans to distribute products throughout the region with “Kured Latin America LLC.”

Its other subsidiary, Drink Fresh Water, is a California-based company created by a group of industry leaders that offers New Age Farm immediate entry into the CBD-infused beverage industry with its flagship product, “Fresh Water.”  The CBD-infused, nano-amplified alkaline water can be found in retail stores in 35 different states across the U.S., and with the drink’s success, management has already expressed that it expects to expand the company’s lineup of products by adding additional SKUs in the near future.

New Age Farm is also growing a portfolio of properties that are proving to be revenue-producing assets for the company as well.  Management at New Age Farm says they look to acquire properties that have strong, proven and permitted operating tenants, and if the company chooses to acquire a property, they will implement their industry-leading expertise to optimize the potential revenue and overall net profit with that asset.

The company says the properties it recently acquired in Oregon have already proven to be a great acquisition that they were able to take advantage of, while they’re still evaluating the properties the company owns in Washington State to decide the best course of action for these properties.

New Age Farm acts as the “landlord” of the two properties it acquired in Oregon—the Cave Junction, Oregon, property and the Portland, Oregon, property where New Age Farm generates almost $250,000 annually in rent payments alone.

A state of the art outdoor and greenhouse cannabis cultivation facility is operated by Trellis Farms on the company’s Cave Junction property, and the Portland property has been home to an established dispensary for the last four years.

New Age Farm has laid out a plan that, so far, management has done a great job of sticking to, while being flexible enough to expand upon that plan when necessary.  Its expansion into Latin America is one such example of the company not being afraid to grow where they feel there is a sustainable operating environment.

Executives at New Age Farm feel that due to the uniqueness of the company’s focus on hemp, regardless of being housed in the United States, they are not hand cuffed to the same onerous and expensive state-by-state marijuana licensing laws.  Simply put management sees New Age Farm as a global brand.  The company feels strongly that the wave of the future is in the hemp derived CBD market, and they will be building a plethora of brands to gain as much market share as possible in the industry.

When asked to offer a report card of sorts on the plan that management has put into place, we were told that Kured is growing at a faster pace than they expected with profit margins increasing by 100 percent with its in-house manufacturing.  The newly acquired Oregon properties are a great monthly revenue addition.  Fresh Water is already in 35 states and by adding its own team’s expertise, they are hopeful to be generating sales of Fresh Water on 2 continents by the end of 2018.  The company says they’re in talks with other existing CBD brands to potentially acquire, and New Age Farm also has ideas for its own CBD brands, which it says will be first to market.

Learn more about New Age Farm and its subsidiaries at: www.newagefarminc.com

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