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LiveDeal Just Getting Started in Deal Space with Launch into the Dining Industry

LiveDeal Just Getting Started in Deal Space with Launch into the Dining Industry

Written by ι Stock Market Media Group Staff — January 28, 2014

New York, NY − LiveDeal, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIVE) has gotten off to a strong start in the online deals industry with its www.livedeal.com platform.  Late in 2013, LiveDeal rolled out its innovative, new real-time “deal engine” in the $660 billion dining industry, and has found that the industry absolutely loves the concept in each of the three cities it has launched, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  In those cities, LiveDeal outperforms billion dollar deal giant Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN), and to get some idea of how well the model has caught on, one need look no further than San Diego where LiveDeal first launched.  The company has deals for around a thousand restaurants on livedeal.com versus about 30 restaurants using Groupon.

Consumers are likely just witnessing the tip of the iceberg with the instant deals that restaurant owners are creating to generate traffic on livedeal.com.  LiveDeal CEO Jon Isaac chose this industry as a starting point, but it’s a fair bet that he has no plans of stopping there given a number of verticals are ideally suited for his real-time instant deal format.

Remember when the NFL playoffs began this month and there was a mad scramble to sell out stadiums in Green Bay, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis to avoid games being blacked out to local television audiences?  Well, to avoid the blackout, businesses bought up thousands of tickets and likely gave them all away.  If the option to list those tickets on a platform like livedeal.com was available, businesses could have recouped some of their money by creating an instant sporting event promotion that likely would have been very popular.

When hotel rooms go unoccupied, livedeal.com could help drive traffic with instant promotions to fill those rooms.  The airline industry could also use the platform to fill empty seats with last minute deals leaving flights at full capacity.  Cruise lines, theme parks and even concert tickets could end up on livedeal.com. 

Golf courses could keep fairways busy, casinos could offer junkets, fill seats in their entertainment venues during the week, and keep their restaurants full around the clock.  LiveDeal’s platform offers consumers instant deals while helping businesses generate profits that may otherwise have gone unrealized.

This platform clearly has a huge upside with myriad industries it could promote deals within, so for years to come, investors should enjoy its growth as LiveDeal seeks to be valued with others in its space.


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