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LifeApps Digital Media, Inc. Packaging Products to Create a More Interactive Experience

LifeApps Digital Media, Inc. Packaging Products to Create a More Interactive Experience

Written by ι Stock Market Media Group Staff — July 31, 2013

LifeApps Digital Media, Inc. (OTCQB: LFAP) is at the forefront of changing how we learn and exercise today.  Millions of us worldwide love to exercise, love our sports, and have a relatively new love affair going on with our mobile devices like the iPhone, iPod and iPad, so, LifeApps is tapping into that interest with a unique approach. 

The company is creating a next generation style interaction between its products and our technology – namely its Golf Core Grip Workout System and consumers’ iPhones, or iPods, or iPads.  By packaging its Golf Core Grip (www.golfcoregrip.com), an ergonomic grip or handle developed by leading golf fitness experts to represent your own golf club, with its Golf Core Grip App, a free download with Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and the iPad Mini, LifeApps is creating a uniquely personal learning experience.  Even those customers without these Apple devices can use the Golf Core Grip by accessing the company’s online solution at www.GolfWorkout.com.

This approach will likely shape the way we train and exercise into the future – Think of it as your own personal golf coach minus the exorbitant country club fees.  With the product and the App working in concert, LifeApps is delivering to its customers a new way to exercise and a more immediate way to learn.  If you are working with a coach or trainer, the App allows you to share your progress.

As LifeApps steps up distribution for the Golf Core Grip, the company announced earlier this month that it has landed the daily deals site, Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN), as an additional distribution channel for the product.  With industry professionals, instructors, and retailers all expressing their support for the product, it’s clear why Groupon would want to be a part of what should be a very popular addition to any golfer’s routine.  

LifeApps says industry professionals responded favorably to the price point in recognition of the value of the complete workout system at a number of golf industry trade shows the company attended earlier this year when it took the product on the road to highlight the Golf Core Grip Workout System.  This tour generated a lot of interest in an industry that brings in well over $60 billion annually.  Dr. Peter Mackay, LifeApps’ resident golf expert, said of the packaged products, “The Core Grip Workout System combined with the mobile App is an excellent way to train.  The App provides a level of instruction and detail that’s been hard to attain from a typical DVD. Every exercise is broken down through narration, written instruction and professionally demonstrated in step by step photos and comprehensive video instruction.”

According to the company, the Core Grip Workout and Fitness System develops key muscle groups for improved overall fitness, core strength and stability.  The idea is to improve your fitness level and specifically target your core; thus building a solid foundation for dramatic improvement in your golf game, including, increased speed and power that brings greater distance to your shot.  The Golf Core Grip Workout System is advertised as an easy-to-use, highly effective mobile core workout training system that establishes proper kinematic sequencing for optimal transfer of power between the pelvis, torso, arms and hands.

LifeApps Digital Media has designed the Golf Core Grip App to act as a companion to the product delivering continual training, video instruction and recording features for the Golf Core Grip Workout System.

Given the response the company received on its nationwide tour of the product, LifeApps CEO, Robert Gayman, said, “We were thrilled by the positive reaction to the Golf Core Grip at the PGA Merchandise Show.  There is clearly a strong need for digitally enhanced training products in the golf fitness community.  Given the $68.8 Billion spent on golf in 2011, we are extremely optimistic about creating a new segment in the golf marketplace of golf-specific fitness products.”

With this response, the ease of use of the product and the company’s ability to design Apps that work in tandem with any product, this could be just the beginning for LifeApps Digital Media in this arena, but at the same time, this technology and interactive packaging could be the wave of the future as consumers demand a more immediate way to learn and exercise.