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LifeApps Digital Media, Inc. is on the Right Side of Growing Trend

LifeApps Digital Media, Inc. is on the Right Side of Growing Trend

Written by ι Stock Market Media — April 5, 2013

Just when you think you’ve gotten a handle on things, a new technology comes along and completely turns your world upside down.  LifeApps Digital Media, Inc. (OTCQB: LFAP), a digital media company focused on health, fitness, sports publications, and next-generation social networks, is on the right side of this particular change. 

Move over websites and hello “Apps,” I mean c’mon everyone is doing it.  Whether you’re an Apple baby and own nothing but Apple products, or if you’re more of an Android user – there’s an app for that!  The in-thing used to be to develop a website and get your company, product, blog, or even your idea out on the world-wide web.  And, don’t worry it still is pretty cool to have your own website and mark your territory on the information highway, but it is way cooler to have a website AND an app.

For those of you finally getting HTML mastered, an app is short for application, and in this case, we’re speaking specifically about mobile apps for those on-the-go technologies like the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry or Android devices.  Mobile apps are downloaded to serve one function whether it’s a specific company’s website, or a specific game, a specific magazine or even a specific exercise workout wrapped into an app.

It seems an interesting trend has developed of late, and that trend is the enormous popularity of health and fitness apps.  There is an insatiable craze for apps in general, but there has been a real explosion in downloads of health and fitness apps.  According to a recent report at MobileHealthNews, there are close to 14,000 health and fitness apps available at the iTunes store and the apps range in content from exercise and diet logs to instructional training videos for workouts. 

What is creating this trend?  The healthcare bill could be a big part of it as companies are looking to improve employee health to save on insurance costs.  Whatever the reason for the upswing in downloads, that trend plays right into the business model at LifeApps Digital Media.  The company does deliver content through websites, but it’s also a leading, authorized developer, publisher and licensee for Apple iOS – iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad – and Android tablets on Google Play and Kindle Fire as well as Androids via Amazon Mobile Marketplace.   LifeApps has a multimarket strategy that incorporates web, mobile, social media and internet TV to engage consumers in a wide range of interests including medical, yoga, golf, tennis, running, soccer, cycling just to name a few.  LifeApps has a library of available apps at Apple’s app store, including its tablet magazine, YouWorkout which is also available on Android tablets and Kindle Fire.

The good news for companies like LifeApps is that the trend is also supported by revenues pouring into this segment.  VisionMobile recently delivered the results from its Developer Economics survey that found only communication and social networking apps brought in more revenue dollars than medical and fitness apps.  Armed with this information, companies operating in the space can stay busy whipping app users into shape, and in LifeApps case, expand their business model to include even more areas of health and fitness opportunities for its customers.

LifeApps has parlayed its presence on store fronts like Apple’s app store into a growing base of new consumers, and has effectively turned it into an advertising tool.  The company’s digital health and sports magazine publication, YouWorkout, gained recognition in the publishing community almost immediately again showing that these apps are being sought out and bought up as fast as they’re being created in the health and fitness space.  YouWorkout held the top spot in the health, mind and body section of Apple Newsstand’s “What’s Hot” section for four consecutive weeks from December 2012 into January 2013. 

The company’s success has allowed it to enhance its footprint with a recent set of acquisitions that stay right in line with what consumers expect from LifeApps Digital Media.  This week the company announced it has acquired Sports One Group and Performance Gear a wholesale supplier to the promotional products industry providing athletic apparel, uniforms and decorating services.  So, it’s clear that not only are these apps growing in popularity, but they are helping to create a market of interest in all things sports and fitness related. 

The popularity with the company’s apps and digital media should create an immediate advertising base for the company’s new ventures.  LifeApps CEO Robert Gayman said of its most recent acquisition, “We are confident that the LifeApps team will be able to enhance and improve the current e-commerce business of Sports One Group and build an m-commerce solution for the business in the near future.  In addition, the acquisition of Sports One Group will provide an immediate revenue stream to the Company.” 

The promotional products industry is already well recognized and quickly expanding with annual revenues of nearly $18 billion.  Sports One Group caters to a niche market, focused on supplying sports teams with high quality, personalized athletic apparel.  The new acquisition has a large, national, well-defined customer base with strong year-over-year sales growth and strong buying power, and this acquisition will offer unique value-added services and its own expertise to the LifeApps brand. 

And, now LifeApps hopes to be a part of an even newer trend and that is introducing and making successful its approach to m-commerce – a new term we all better start getting used to hearing.