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Great East Energy Investors Show Confidence with $1.49 Million Investment at $1.00/Share

Great East Energy Investors Show Confidence with $1.49 Million Investment at $1.00/Share

Written by ι Stock Market Media Group Staff — February 20, 2014

Great East Energy, Inc. (OTCQB: GASE) is currently priced at about $0.65/share which is $0.35/share lower than where a group of private equity shareholders with deep pockets put their money.  Great East Energy received $1,490,000 in private financing from a group of confident investors who clearly see the company’s acquisition of 162 square miles of producing clean energy assets in Ukraine leading to a very bright future.

This confident investment was likely made easier when Great East Energy received a second professional report confirming that there are gross total reserves of 47 billion cubic feet of natural gas in the company’s licensed area.  The good news for all investors in the company is that Great East Energy stated this investment will be used to further develop its estimated gross total reserves of almost 50 billion cubic feet of natural gas.

In Europe, natural gas prices are three times higher than prices here in the U.S., so the fact that these investors put up $1,490,000 in return for restricted common shares that won’t be unrestricted for a year, speaks volumes for the amount of revenues and profits they feel Great East Energy can develop from those reserves.  

In addition to the advantageous prices in Europe leading to a windfall of cash for those companies who can produce and sell gas, other key factors contributing to this bold investment are the fact that Great East Energy acquired property that has been producing gas since 2003, owns two gas processing facilities, and has over eight miles of gas pipelines to their customers.

There is no intent to settle on the 162 square miles of assets the company currently owns in Ukraine either.  Stock Market Media Group, a full service research and content development investor relations firm, asked the company’s CEO Timur Khromaev if there are any expectations to continue to grow expand the footprint in Ukraine and he said, “Sure! In our first stage, we want to create the base for further rapid expansion. Then, we plan to obtain Greenfield licenses and acquire underperforming, existing operators that have room to grow aiming at expansion of Great East Energy’s area from 162 square miles to 1000 square miles.”

This $1,490,000 financing will now allow Great East Energy to implement North American capital, industry knowledge, and technology to produce and sell even more natural gas to customers.  And, if these investors feel Great East Energy is worth, at minimum, $1.00 per share now, retail investors should feel confident that the company’s share price will be exponentially higher as the company grows.