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Baristas Coffee Company – Not Just Selling a Cup O’ Joe

Baristas Coffee Company – Not Just Selling a Cup O’ Joe

Written by Ι Stock Market Media — March 15, 2011

Fast growing franchise. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Coffee.  Stop me if you’ve heard this story.  No, it’s not Starbucks Coffee Co. (NASDAQ: SBUX) I am talking about Baristas Coffee Company, Inc. (OTCPK: BCCI) the fastest growing themed drive-thru espresso stand franchise in the country.  Everywhere you look these days a coffee shop, a coffee stand or a drive thru is popping up… and for good reason, Americans are consuming coffee at an alarming rate and there are no signs we plan on slowing down.

According to the National Coffee Association, more than half of the adults in the US drink an average of 3 cups of coffee a day — that’s more than 300-million cups every single day. With numbers like these, it’s clear to see why coffee outlets are becoming as popular as ATM’s. Baristas Coffee Company is carving out its niche in this competitive space by creating a national brand of themed drive-thru espresso stands.  And not just any theme they’ve chosen to give you a sexy latte, steamy espresso, and perky cup o’ joe and they’re sweetening the deal with desserts… sweet and sexy, and why not it’s clear statistically they both sell.

As you drive thru the company’s espresso stands, grab your java, and go about your busy day, you’re likely to see one of several fun and unique themed costumes; including, baristas dressed as bumble bees, sailors, cheerleaders, and even nurses.  Barista’s CEO Barry Henthorn has a simple plan… hire attractive females to work as baristas, dress them in one of several sexy costumes and enhance sales by training those employees to interact with the customers.  

Baristas makes it easy to buy your steaming, morning jolt of energy.  The company is building brand new drive-thru locations, and it is also acquiring existing businesses that will fit into its model and then developing those sites.  So far, BCCI has opened locations in Seattle, Tampa and San Antonio, and the company will be opening more stores throughout 2012 in Arizona and New Jersey.  

The company is enjoying sales and return customers with its sexy approach and with its great tasting beverages, but Baristas is determined to create even more revenue and not just with the themed costumes its employees don each day.  The CEO is looking at an additional revenue stream through franchising, and Henthorn is so serious about selling franchises of Baristas, that he’s brought in franchising guru Robert Palmer Jr. as his Director of Franchise Development.  For those of you saying who is Robert Palmer Jr., let’s just say he knows a thing or two about making franchises work as he’s been directly involved in developing and selling more than 1000 franchise locations around the world.

Palmer has developed and successfully launched franchise locations for more than 350 concept restaurants, he’s been at the forefront of franchising many oil change and auto service centers and he was a key player in developing the Re-Bath Bathtub Liners — the largest bathtub remodeler in the the country.  

When speaking of his vision for franchising Baristas, Palmer said, “after truly understanding the economics, ease of duplicity, and the support structure of the Baristas franchise system, I feel that it can provide the best opportunity for success and rapid expansion that I have ever encountered.  I have complete confidence in the management and longevity of the business model and will be working full time to ensure that it reaches its true potential.” 

I think that says it all and Palmer’s words have to be encouraging for those following the growth of Baristas as it competes with Starbucks and McDonalds (MCD) among others.  With his successful track record, the company has to be giddy hearing him say Baristas can provide the best opportunity for success and rapid expansion that he’s ever encountered.  Couple Palmer’s success rate with the fact that Americans aren’t going to stop drinking coffee anytime soon, and actually statistics show the number of coffee drinkers is only rising year after year, add sexy to the equation and it’s no wonder Baristas has picked up the pace in opening locations and maybe even the floodgates on revenues.