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Committed to Growing Your Audience by Developing Your Story

At Stock Market Media Group (SMMG), we believe content is king and for investors, information is power. Publicly traded companies have two responsibilities—their core business and their shareholders—however, too often, CEOs focus solely on their core business while greatly neglecting their current shareholders and missing out on opportunities to attract new investors. Every public company has a story, and with thousands of companies vying for the market’s attention, it’s imperative that CEOs use every tool at their disposal to get that story in front of both retail and institutional investors. The team at SMMG prides itself on being just that—a resource for executives to talk directly to investors worldwide.

Our approach is to thoroughly research your company—get familiar with your products or services, explore any technologies that you’re developing and/or currently using, learn more about the industry that you operate within and your competitors, while also getting to know the team that brings your company to life. SMMG then begins to shape your story, create content around that story and then tell it to the world through the national news media.

Our aim is to educate both current and potential new shareholders utilizing a number of products that include; feature news articles, research reports, radio-style CEO interviews, video documentaries, video CEO interviews, and press releases. Each of these products work in concert over a defined period of time to leave your audience confident in your future and in the company they’ve invested their money.

As a content development investment relations firm, we offer both short and longer term campaigns. Obviously the goal should always be to fully tell your story, and to that end, SMMG expects to introduce every aspect of your business to investors while keeping your company’s name and ticker symbol front and center in the financial markets.

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About Us

Research Reports… Our reports offer a comprehensive look into public companies that have a story to tell. The complete overview allows us to thoroughly dive into a company’s business, its products, its industry and tell its story from our point of view based on our own due diligence.

About Us

Documentaries & CEO Interviews… Our corporate documentaries tell a company’s complete story on video. Each includes a host of interviews and footage that provide the company instant credibility with investors. We also offer both video and radio-style interviews with company executives.

About Us

Feature Articles… Every company has a story and our team works to shape a company’s story and then deliver those stories to the Market. We have released well over a thousand feature news articles into the media that highlight every facet of a company’s business, its products and its industry.