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DPHS ι Dephasium Corp Midday Update on Today’s Trading Alert

DPHS ι Dephasium Corp Midday Update on Today’s Trading Alert

This morning we released a Trading Alert to our Subscribers on Dephasium Corp. (OTCQB: DPHS).  The company was priced at $0.155 after Friday’s Close. At the Bell this morning, the price quickly moved up 5% on heavy volume.

The stock has seen nice volume all morning as it closes in on 1 million shares traded and closing in on $500,000 invested so far.  The session High is $0.17 up 10%.

We watched the action on DPHS last week and felt it was time to Alert Dephasium Corp. as one we expected to see a recovery on and move back up into the green after seeing several red days.

Dephasium Corp. kicked off June by announcing it has completed the acquisition of the US ANCILIA patent and trademark with Dephasium Ltd.

Ancilia is the company’s new range of smartphone cases providing up to98% protection against electromagnetic waves, which is verified through the measurement of SAR reduction.

J. Francisco Terreforte, President of DPHS, said:

“We are very excited about the acquisition of the technology and we are looking forward to working with our counterparts across the Atlantic Ocean to sell these products in the United States and Canada.”

DPHS Executives valued the acquisition of the assets at $1.2 million.

During the first quarter of 2013, approximately 407.8 million iPhones have been sold and Samsung has sold more than 100 million of its Galaxy S mobile phones in two years and seven months.

With this acquisition behind them, DPHS has opened up its online store to drive even more sales. 

The online store will enable the Company to sell the products which it is distributing in the United States and Canada in conjunction with its Distribution Agreement with Dephasium, Ltd.

DPHS entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Dephasium Ltd to make and sell Dephasium Ltd.’s products in the United States and Canada.  

The agreement provides for a term of five years with successive five year renewals. The company will receive a fee equal to 30% of all sales in the United States and Canada.  

Dephasium Ltd. has agreed to train the Company’s staff and to help in the marketing of the products.

DPHS’s President says: “With this signed agreement, we can now actively commence our efforts to sell the products in the United States and Canada.”

Since 2006, Dephasium Ltd. has launched a program of research and development to become the leader in the field of “people protection” against electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones.  

Dephasium Ltd. has succeeded in developing an Ancilia product that it believes protects up to 98% of electromagnetic waves issued by cell phones.  

This conclusion is based upon the results of technology tests administered by Cetecom ICT Services and included in its written report.

Recent 2013 Gains for Subscribers

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